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Because  Life is
 Sweet for ordinary.



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The Photographer

So, here’s the scoop… I’m 39 years old and photography has been a huge passion of mine for many years now. As a teen, I started with silly pretend model photoshoots of my friends, creating backdrops from decorative sheets and random props. In my early twenties, I started working at an actual portrait studio, which eventually helped me to advance my skills and move up to high school photography/senior portraits. That's where my creativity really flourished and what made me want to finally take my chances and branch off on my own. I did not succeed immediately, in fact, I failed horribly - A LOT! But in time, I realized that in those failures were life lessons that just helped me learn how to be better. After much self-training, lots of YouTube videos, seminars, and practice shoots with friends and family, I became a true professional photographer with a business to finally call my own.